August 26th, 2004

Last Prayers
By Harijiwan


Photo by Harijiwan


Join your hands and merge all aspects of your mind and being at your heart center—the gateway to love and compassion.

Through his unfathomable kindness and generosity Yogi Bhajan has entered into these times. He has sat here among us and given us these immensely magnificent teachings.

May the devotion of the Master and the timeless river of blessings flow through us.

Oh Kindest teacher of incomparable and matchless benevolence, bless us that we may reflect all that is wonderful and pure. Let all our impurities leave us.

May the light of wisdom come to dwell within us.

Grant us the treasures of these sacred sounds.

Illuminate our days with the profound blessings of your teachings.

Through the all-pervading space of existence elevate our experience so we may enjoy the clear and luminous wisdom of thy grace.

May each breath lead us ever deeper into that place of eternal peace within and may we reflect this unequalled beauty in all our thoughts and actions.

Thank you for giving us the breath of life on this morning and bless us with this golden light.

Oh Divine Creator of all Creation we offer this prayer on this day:
Bless us that we too may be visited with perfect grace that you bestowed on our teacher.

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