Kundalini Meditation: Guided Chakra Practices

by Harijiwan

For thousands of years, the yogic technology of kundalini was veiled in secrecy and passed only from master to chosen disciple. Today this sacred practice, known for its ability to promote health, creativity, and spiritual awareness, is alive and flourishing in yoga studios nationwide. Now Harijiwan Khalsa offers Kundalini Meditation, a two-CD program to help anyone tap into the power of this ancient tradition. With guided practices and rare insights drawn from his 30 years of teaching experience, Harijiwan invites listeners on a transformative chakra journey to explore key concepts and terms to help build your foundational knowledge of chakras and kundalini, guided meditations with Harijiwan’s masterful Gong accompaniment for clearing out negativity, and a powerful mantra to help awaken all eight chakras.

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